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We specialise in computer repairs of all Windows laptop and desktop computers on a 'NO FIX, NO FEE' basis, including all virus and malware removal, and NO CALL-OUT FEE!


We are happy to undertake on-site repairs where possible, and can install extra memory, additional CD/DVD drives or replace faulty power units on site.  We keep a stock of such items readily available.  Most other components can be obtained within a day or two. Sometimes however, diagnosis of a fault is best carried out at our workshop.


We will carry out fault diagnosis, and advise on repair cost before carrying out any work.  We can carry out repairs at our workshop on all makes of computers or laptops, including replacing laptop screens, power sockets, keyboards or hard drives.  We can undertake virus removal, or put your PC or laptop back to factory condition for you, saving data as necessary.





Broken or damaged laptop screen or lost a key on your laptop keyboard?  We are able to replace your damaged or broken laptop screen, and/or keyboard often on a next day basis.





We can upgrade most modern machines to provide enhanced performance, although in some cases it may be more cost effective to build a new system, with the benefit of modern technology.


We can supply and fit new or additional hard drives, add/replace memory, supply and fit new CD/DVD drives and burners, modems, graphics cards etc.  If you are not sure what you need, we can advise and help you.


Systems running Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 will require additional RAM from those running Windows XP.  We can advise on what you need.


Upgrade to the latest version of Windows, remember Windows 10 is due for release in Spring 2015. Windows 7 provides huge improvements, reliability, and increased speed and efficiency over earlier systems. 





We can design, supply and install your home or small business network, wired or wireless, with or without a server and can supply all you need to enable all your PCs to share an internet connection, files and printers.  If you are not sure what you need, we can advise you on how to achieve your network objectives.







We can supply and install any Windows based software or operating system to your machine, ensuring that it is fully updated and ready for use.  We recommend the use of the free security and AntiVirus software available on our Downloads page.


See our Downloads page for links to free software packages.




We collect your PC, bring it to our workshop and carry out an internal clean to remove dust, a major danger to PC's as it allows heat to generate, as well as subjecting it to a thorough check to ensure that it continues to run smoothly.  We will attempt to maximise the amount of disk space available and delete unwanted data clutter, hopefully thereby speeding up the system.  We will then advise you on available disk space, security etc. and make any recommendations in relation to upgrading or extra memory.  Contact us for a quote.


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